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Today's students are tomorrow's leaders of responsible and sustainable businesses

The main goal of this project is to bring value-oriented education to 180 secondary vocational schools in Slovakia through cooperation with the State Institute of Vocational Education. Thanks to the expansion of the compulsory professional subject Training Firm curriculum, young people will become familiar with the so-called development topics, the concept of responsible business, and other critical practices in this area. They will learn to use knowledge of environmental protection, gender equality, or equal opportunities in everyday practice in their businesses or companies.

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The project will enrich education at secondary schools with development education standards so that young people become ambassadors of
a conscious approach to business.

A key element of the project is cooperation with the department of the Slovak Center for Training Firms, whose competencies enable development education to be integrated across the board, i.e., in all 180 secondary vocational schools that teach the subject Training Firm as compulsory. 


After completing the course, students will master relevant concepts from the field of development education. They will learn to navigate the issues of fair trade, responsible business, gender equality, equal opportunities, inclusion and diversity, or the impact of business on the environment. In a few years, they will be able to implement these principles in employment as so-called intrapreneurs (proponents of positive changes from within).

Development education as part of the compulsory curriculum

Building a base of intrapreneurs

Raising awareness of the development cooperation of the Slovak Republic

Strengthening the knowledge, skills, and competencies of teachers

Starting a cooperation with the Slovak Institute of Vocational Education

What is the project based on?

The subject "Training Firm" serves to acquire skills, abilities, and professional knowledge related to the establishment and management of a real company. For young people, it represents a bridge between theory and practice, as education takes place through the simulation of authentic practice in an educational environment. However, given the global needs of the 21st century and the efforts of countries to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, it was necessary to expand this concept to include awareness of the social and environmental impacts of businesses. Only this way can the students get the opportunity to develop their potential fully and further use it for the good of society.

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Did you know that...

...the idea of ​​a training company came to Slovakia from Germany? A school model shaped by Austria dominates Slovakia. Training Firm has been taught as a subject in Slovak secondary schools since 1992.

5  pillars of the project

1. Creation of high-quality teaching curricula and methodological materials

2. Building a partnership with the Slovak Center of Training Firms with the aim of increasing the quality of development education

3. Strengthening the capacities of pedagogues in the effective integration of development education, and sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship

4. Supporting knowledge and competencies of young students in responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship

5. Raising awareness of development cooperation of the Slovak Republic and development education in general

When and where will the project take place?

​The duration of the project is September 2022 - December 2023. We will implement the project in 180 secondary vocational schools in the Slovak Republic which offer the subject Training Firm

Who is the project partner?

Our leading partner is the State Institute of Vocational Education, an organization that is directly managed by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sport of the Slovak Republic. The Slovak Center for Training Firms is also a part of the State Institute of Vocal Education, which acts as a specialized workplace fulfilling the tasks of coordinating the activities of training firms.

The project was supported by SlovakAid funds under no. SAMRS/2022/RV/1.

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