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Our toolkit will help you become a more confident and well-prepared leader. Download it today! 

Critical skills for personal development, relevant and concise content you can reach for at any time, and attractive visuals beautifying your room or workplace. We had you in mind when creating our Boundless soft skills development toolkit!


What makes

our toolkit unique? 


We have selected the skills you will find in it based on our research on the areas in which young women want to be educated and which skills will take them further to fulfilling their potential. Since we know that besides studying, working, or various other activities, you need to manage your time as efficiently as possible, our toolkit is precisely that - brief, to the point, but with precious content. In it, you will find practical tips that you can use today! The content is organized on ten cards, so you can always choose the skill you want to develop.


An essential element to achieving your goals is motivation. You can only find it in yourself. And even though what drives us is individual for each of us, we wanted to prepare something that will encourage or inspire you every day. For each topic, we have chosen a quote printed on the other side of the card, which you can place somewhere where you can see it and remind yourself why you want to develop further. You can turn the card over at any time and find instructions for acquiring the given skill on the other side.

Vedeli ste, že...

...myšlienka cvičnej firmy prišla na Slovensko z Nemecka? Na Slovensku dominuje školský model so vzorom v Rakúsku. Cvičná firma sa vyučuje ako predmet na slovenských stredných školách od roku 1992.

Topics included 


In separate sections, our Boundless toolkit offers you practical advice, tools, exercises, various challenges and initiatives you can get involved in, and tips for quality reading.

You will improve in the following areas:

  • Courage - Learn to control your fear in dangerous or difficult situations!

  • Self-development - Set your goals and plan to acquire new skills to help you increase your chances of success and achieving your goals!

  • Assertiveness - Find out why we often have a problem with assertiveness and learn how to appropriately express our feelings, opinions, and needs when interacting with others!

  • Presentation skills - Learn to make an engaging presentation and improve your public speaking!

  • Leadership - Learn the difference between leadership and management and gain skills that will help motivate and lead people effectively!

  • Innovative Thinking - Learn how to develop your creative thinking and develop ideas and solutions!

  • Communication - Get skills to help you express yourself clearly, listen carefully, and communicate well!

  • Self-confidence - Know your strengths and weaknesses, start realizing your worth and deal with Imposter Syndrome. And hand in hand

  • with the preserved ability of healthy self-reflection!

  • Project Management - Learn how to implement your project using five practical steps!

  • How to deal with self-limiting behavior - Free yourself from beliefs and behaviors that hinder your development, and learn how to work with them to develop yourself and your personal and professional life fully!


How to do it?

It is easy - choose the skill you want to work on, print the card, keep it in sight and embark on an adventurous journey to develop your potential!

Image by Estée Janssens

You can download our free Boundless toolkit in Slovak here:

We are sorry for the inconvenience; the toolkit is available only in Slovak now.

 We are working on the English version. Stay tuned!

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